Who am I? Why am I here? Who are these little people calling me mommy?

In my last post, I explained why I chose “Lovely Lynette” as my blog title. This current post is in response to today’s blogging 101 assignment to introduce myself and explain who I am and why I am here in the blogosphere. Unfortunately, I just spent the past 30 minutes typing a brilliant post, but I forgot to periodically hit the “save” button. Do you see where this is going? Yes. I am sure you do. Instead of “today,” it is actually 12 minutes into “tomorrow” so I need to make this quick because I am not a morning person. In fact, the later I stay up, the less of a morning person I become. This is how my mornings normally begin. The children wake up well before the sun rises. They have had at least 10 hours of sleep, after all. I stumble out of bed and walk approximately 50 steps to our living room sofa where I guzzle at least two to three cups of coffee, an energy drink shot, and two cups of ice cold water. If that concoction of tachycardia-inducing liquid does not work to pry open my eyelids, I will assume a modified yoga pose on my sofa with my head draped upside down over the edge of the seat and my legs up in the air over the back in the hopes that the blood rushing to my head will somehow clear away all of the clouds and cobwebs from my brain. While all of this comedy is occurring, any amount of noise or movement is unwanted and highly protested. At the tiniest scrape of a chair, I assume elephants are rampaging through my house. Since I am already in this semi-meditative pose, I sometimes do consider that notorious and highly philosophical question, “Who am I and why am I here?” At one time in my life, I successfully managed hundreds of people and equipment worth millions of dollars. I could work round the clock, get a 20 minute nap and get up in a flash to do it all again. My advice was desired and taken to heart. I graduated from one of the most prestigious military academies in the world and was entrusted with lives. I went to war and returned. I had adventures such as rappelling from cliffs and jumping from planes. As I contemplate these things, it is as if I am reading a book about someone other than me since that book was closed for me years ago and a new book is being written. I am now a mother, which sounds a lot like manager when you think about it. Hmmmm. Am I truly the manager, though, or am I being managed by the three little tyrants that I nurtured and produced from my own body? I have studied science, history, economics, languages, literature, music, just to name a few, and now I am studying their poo. Yes. You read that right. The implications in that one sentence are numerous. I could write forever about it, but I will not because, as I mentioned earlier, I am not a morning person any more. I chauffer these tiny people around town. I cook, clean, and diagnose diseases with the help of that great diagnostics tool and search engine, Google. I counsel, give spiritual guidance, read, garden, and dabble in animal husbandry. Apparently, I’m also a secretary. The kicker is that my remuneration for all of these titles is not in money. We use the bartering system instead since my clients do not yet have monetary income. “I will take five hugs, please, for reading an extra chapter of that book.” Yes. It is true. My pay is priceless because it is in hugs, kisses, handmade crafts, and laughter. With such wealth, why am I even here on the blogosphere at 12:48 AM? Well, I have aspired to add the title of “writer” to my list since I was merely a tiny tyrant, myself. With this wealth of joy that surrounds me, how can I not share it with others? My desire is that when I write and others read, they will finish with greater joy in their hearts and maybe even a little laughter lingering on their lips throughout their day. If you are reading this right now, this is my wish for you. Thank you for taking the time to read what I have written. By doing so, you have blessed me as well. Good night and God bless!

“Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.” The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy”                           Psalm 126:2-3 (NIV).

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