Who is Lovely Lynette and why is she laughing?

Lovely Lynette Laughs

Who is Lovely Lynette and why is she laughing? You might be wondering if I played one of those Facebook games where the first initial of my second child’s name and the fourth initial of my first pet’s middle name are assigned to random names whose combination creates my exotic dancer name. Why yes. That’s exactly what happened. No. No it is not. Actually, Lovely Lynette has a very sentimental meaning for me. When I was very young, an extraordinary woman, about whom I actually know very little, insisted on referring to me as Lovely Lynette. Arguing with her over this name was apparently useless because she was wholeheartedly convinced that my name should be Lovely Lynette. This woman was my paternal grandmother. At 29 years of age, just a few months after delivering her third child, doctors found a large cancerous mass requiring them to surgically remove her entire reproductive system…

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